Veteran Community Response Corp (V.C.R.C.)


Veteran Community Response Corp

Veterans Community Response Corps or VCRC is a program that affords the veterans and their families the ability to get off the couch and stay off it.  The VCRC is a platoon divided into Squads with each squad having its own mission and purpose.  These squads perform everything from Community Service Projects,  Emergency Response to natural or man-made disasters,  assisting the US Forestry Service in maintaining our parks, learning Archery skills through competitions,  empowering and supporting our Women Veterans and Caregivers, and so much more.  The VCRC platoon helps give our veterans a mission to keep them off the couch and off the VA candy and alcohol as well as the comradery that we all miss after our service ends.  If you reside in the Central Valley of CA please contact us to find out more about what the Squads are doing near you, information on joining a squad, or maybe you have a project or idea you need help with!

If your outside of the Central Valley of California and want to learn how to establish a VCRC Platoon in your area, contact us!

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If you would like to sign up for Veterans Community Response Corps (VCRC) fill out the form below and one of our volunteers will contact you as soon as possible.

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