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In World War II, the USDA campaigned for families to begin growing their own fruits and vegetables in their own home gardens.  This reduced demand on our nations food supplies domestically, allowing our troops overseas to be fed.  These became known as “Victory Gardens”.

Our Heroes’ Dreams (VCRC) has created a squad called “Victory Gardeners” whose aims and purposes are to help Veterans, Peace Officers, Correction Officers create and maintain their own Victory Garden for several beneficial reasons:

* Gardening helps reduce stress and the effects of PTSD/Depression.

* Growing your own helps reduce the costs of feeding the family.

*  Gardening increases the likelihood of nutritional foods being consumed by the family, reducing obesity, diabetes, and other related illnesses.

*  Gives the satisfaction of knowing just where your food comes from.



Victory Gardeners intends to bring back some skills and techniques our fore-fathers used, techniques lost in today’s fast-food society.

  • Canning and Perserving
  • Harvesting techniques for better yeilds
  • Growing techniques to use space wisely.
  • Recipe exchanges

Victory Gardeners Blog

April 13, 2018

How much to grow?

That question comes up a lot and really depends on what your looking at accomplishing. If your trying just to offset some of the grocery costs […]
April 5, 2018

Recipe – Cold Spaghetti

COLD SPAGHETTI 1lb. – Vermicelli or thin spaghetti (cooked per instructions) 1 bottle – Zesty Italian Dressing 2-3 cans – Italian Stewed Tomatoes 2-3 cans – […]

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