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About Our Heroes' Dreams

Our Heroes’ Dreams is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization helping veterans, first responders, peace officers, and Gold Star Families during their times of need. Our focus is helping our warrior get off the couch, back into their family unit and help them find a way to get into their new mission in life.

Our Core Values













Our Heroes Dreams operates a four-phase program that helps get our warriors (Vets, First Responders, and Peace Officers) off the couch and back into a new mission. Many are trapped in their mind, trying to figure out a new mission in life or what life has in store for them next.

Our formula consists of 4 phases:

Homefront Battlefield Bootcamp, the deadliest battlefield our warriors will face. This is a five-day experience where the counselors have sat where the current warriors are sitting. This phase includes activities like SCUBA, fishing, adaptive sports, team building, wood working and a plethora of other programs that help you get off the couch. The best part though is sitting around the fire and enjoying a nice meal while learning and sharing life’s experiences together and learning ways that we can overcome the darkness that our military and first responders go through.

The band aid phase. Here we’ll help identify what the struggles are in life and what is holding our warriors back from being a warrior once again in their next mission. We help apply band aids from partner programs around the nation like car, home, relationship, financial, PTS, MST, credit, and other types of counseling, or band aids that are needed.

We bring out the family for our family retreat. Here we help identify trigger points and help learn ways to work on trigger points. We do phase one all over again, but with the family. In the end, we want all of our families to be working as a unit again.

This is our Special Ops Phase. Now that the band aids are applied and the warrior and their family are thriving again, we help the warrior find a new mission, and then help write a business plan for their new life mission. This business plan goes further than their current mission. It is a business plan for their life and includes how to deal with life after public service and how to be a family member again. In almost all forms of public service you go through boot camp. In boot camp they tear down your identity and create a warrior in you. Nobody teaches you how to shut that warrior light switch off and how to be a civilian, which often prevents someone from being an active member in their family unit again.

Lastly, if accepted, we try to introduce the one thing that truly heals all wounds, and that is Christ’s caring and nurturing love for them. This is done through a simple morning and evening devotion comprised of biblical stories of Godly men and women who have gone through and overcome some of the same struggles our warriors do. For those that choose the path that God has created for them, the recidivism rate is near zero.

Leadership Team

Justin Bond

CEO/Founder of Our Heroes’ Dreams

Justin Bond was born and raised in Hanford CA. At 18 years old he joined the Army as a combat engineer. Early on in his career Bond needed to separate on a hardship discharge after his Grandma, Grandpa younger sister died, all 2 weeks apart. In 2001, the Twin Towers in New York fell in a terrorist attack, and Bond couldn’t sit idly by, so he rejoined the Army to defend his country. On April 09th, 2004, Good Friday, Sgt. Bond and his platoon engaged in an intense firefight during the battle of Fallujah, Iraq. Sgt. Bond was severely wounded as he was hit with an AK-47 through the center of both knees, leaving his left leg on the battlefield. Today Sgt. Bond feels fortunate to have made it back and is very proud of all his brothers and sisters, often wishing he could return to the battlefield.

Since returning home and going through over 40 surgeries, Sgt. Bond realized that the real battles that our Nation’s Warriors face are not on the battlefield in Iraq but instead are on the battlefield here at home. The challenges and fights our warriors face are tougher than ever as they navigate the VA system while living with nightmares and flashbacks that many of our warrior’s face from their PTS, TBI, MST and a lack of mission. He learned that 22 a day are committing suicide, and to him, this was just unacceptable.

Sgt. Bond then started fundraising to help his comrades by bowling 1000 games nonstop taking nearly 4 days. Next, he rode a Segway from Monterey CA to Jacksonville Fl. at 12 MPH taking 60 days. Sgt. Bond took on another challenge and rode a Zoom chair 2,200 miles from Canada to Mexico, and then on to Fresno to help raise funds for Our Heroes’ Dreams.

Sgt. Bond created Our Heroes’ Dreams which hosts a Healing Retreat among other programs and which has already saved hundreds of veteran’s lives and first responders lives. This all-volunteer group has gone above and beyond with countless 15-20-hour days while picking up homeless, answering the crisis line, deploying to suicide attempts and manning an all-volunteer organization that operates several programs 24/7/365. Bond is so proud of his team that is helping to save the lives of our Heroes one family at a time.

Sgt. Bond has numerous medals and awards from the military as well as local and national awards from the Senate and Congress. He was also awarded the Purple Heart from wounds received during combat action in Iraq. Bonds greatest honor, other than serving his country, was being honored by his Commander in Chief, President Bush. President Bush painted Sgt. Bond’s portrait and hung it in the Presidential Library and put Bond’s portrait in his book, Portraits of Courage. Bond’s favorite sayings are – “It is what it is” and “If it doesn’t kill you it can only make it stronger”

Jason Day

Board VICE President

Jeff Anderson

Board Member, 1st Responder Director
John W. Gordon
Board Member, Attorney
Jeff Fabry
Board Member, Archery Heroes Director
Captain Gary Watkins
Board Member
Ruthie Milburn
Board Member, Executive Board Secretary

Thank You To Our Sponsors

The team at Our Heroes’ Dream would like to thank our sponsors that have helped us to continue in our mission and for helping to change the lives of so many in our communities.

Meet Our Heroes

A hero faces death for others, with no thought of personal gain or glory.

Frequently Asked QUestions

Below are our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question below, please feel free to contact us and one of our Veterans will be happy to assist you.

Our Heroes’ Dreams is currently serving former members of the United States Armed Forces who while on Active served under one of the following conditions:

  • We do not discriminate against your type of discharge, rank, years served, generational status, combat or peace time service, physical/mental injuries, or lack thereof. All veterans are encouraged to apply.
  • To attend our retreat, you must be clean from illegal drugs for the last 14 days, and you must consent to staying clean while attending our retreat or programs.


Our Heroes’ Dreams also serves current and former members of First Responders, Peace Officers, Contractors, and from time to time, Gold Star Family retreats

  • Our Heroes’ Dreams feels that our nation’s heroes are not just those that defend our way of life abroad, but also those here on the Homefront. We all serve on the same team, just a different battlefield!

Our Heroes Dreams provides to those in need such things as counseling services, retreats, and several other programs. There is never any charge to our warriors, or their families when attending our events or going through our four-phase program.

Applications will be assessed, and selection of recipients is made by a panel of members known as the “Warrior Board”. Application approval is not guaranteed but every attempt will be made to accommodate every applicant. At times, we may refer you to other programs that may be better suited to assist you with a more tailored or specialty type care.

Please provide as much information as possible or that you feel comfortable giving, which may enhance your application’s chances of being selected as an Our Heroes’ Dreams recipient.

As part of the application process the applicant may be required to provide a copy of their DD214, or proof of your public service as a first responder or peace officer. Also, applicants may be required to show additional paperwork pertaining to mental and or physical disabilities if needed for certain activities.

For applicants requesting financial assistance, you may be asked to provide financial information such as income and bank statements. Please note, we do not give out grants or help with distressed financial situations at this time except for extreme emergencies and this is reserved for those families attending our program currently.

For your application to receive consideration it is vital that you maintain current contact information with us. Please contact us with any changes in your information.

Our Heroes’ Dreams makes every attempt to connect veterans, first responders, and peace officers with available help offered through 3rd party organizations. Our Heroes’ Dreams has no control over the selection process of 3rd party organizations. Our Heroes’ Dreams furthermore holds no responsibility for 3rd party organizations selection process and or services. No personal or private information is shared with 3rd party organizations except through the application process to help get the warrior approved for external help.

The time frame for selecting qualified applicants will vary depending on availability of resources and number of applicants. Our Heroes’ Dreams will make every attempt to contact all qualified applicants within 30 days. We will do our best to be much quicker at this but it is not always possible.


  • Volunteers are always needed to help fulfill our mission to our nation’s heroes. Your time and skills are needed and crucial to our success. If you would like to volunteer at a specific event or would like to be notified of future volunteer possibilities, contact our dispatch team at

Monetary Donations:

  • Monetary donations allow us to continue the mission, whether its sending a family to one of our retreats, providing counseling or budget training, or even helping to get a Veteran through the local VA facility. Our Heroes’ Dreams is a 501(c)3 organization and accepts all monetary donations.
    • Sending a check: Mail to: Our Heroes’ Dreams, PO Box 252, Hanford, CA 93230
    • Credit Card: You can make a donation through our online portal on either our website or Facebook page.
    • Giving Direct: If you would like to give your donation in person, please contact 1-844-OHD-VETS to be connected with someone who can assist you, or email and one of our volunteers will reach out to you shortly!

Jason Day

OHD Board Vice President

Jason Day served in the United States Army as a 13 Bravo, Heavy Artillery cannon crewmember. After Boot Camp, and OSUT at Ft Sill OK, he was stationed at Ft. Carson, Colorado where he was part of the 3rd Battalion Field Artillery Regiment. He was deployed along with his unit to Kuwait in 2002 for a six-month deployment as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. Jason Day received an Honorable Medical Discharge.

He went back to college receiving his A.A. and B.A. in business management and has a few units left to complete his master’s program. Day used the discipline from the military and his civilian education to start a small agriculture business which he runs today. Day has four children, three daughters ages two, seven, and thirteen and a son who is 5 months old Day’s heart remains with the brothers and sisters he served with in the military which led him to begin volunteering his time to veteran organizations including the Veteran Hospitals, Homes for Our Troops, and Our Heroes’ Dreams. Day’s motto is there is nothing wrong with America that cannot be fixed with what’s right with America.

Jeff Anderson

OHD Board Member, Peace Officer, and 1st Responder Coordinator

Jeff Anderson was born in Los Angeles and grew up in Hanford, CA. Anderson has one daughter, Alyssa, and is dating Catherine who has two kids of her own. Anderson started firefighting in 1994 at Hanford Fire Station #8 and transferred to Tulare Fire Station #25 in 1998. He began his career as a Corrections Officer in 2002 at Pelican Bay State Prison and transferred to Corcoran #2 in 2005. In 2012 Jeff Anderson was involved in a riot between two rival gangs. After trying to break up a fight on the yard, Anderson tore a rotator cuff, ACL, and injured a disc in his back. Anderson was medically retired in 2013. Currently Anderson enjoys fishing, camping, spending time with friends and family, and woodworking in his garage.

Jeff Became part of Our Heroes Dreams because he needed help in his own life. Jeff was missing a key puzzle piece in his own life after being injured, “a mission”. Anderson soon realized this while helping others in his new mission and soon, Jeff took charge and is helping save countless lives through his own past struggles. “Suicide for peace officers and 1st responders is at an all-time high, if I can be a part of just one life saved then it will be worth every minute spent supporting Our Heroes Dreams,” says Anderson. This is why he makes a perfect fit for our team as he leads the charge in helping save, just one more!

John W. Gordon, Esq.

John became informed about the importance of Estate Planning when dealing with his spinal cord injury a few years ago. Before his spinal cord injury, John spent the first three years of his law practice handling civil litigation cases. After realizing the true importance of planning for the future, John decided to retool his law practice to concentrate on estate planning and business formation. In 2012, John re-opened his own law office in downtown Lemoore, CA. Our mission statement is: to provide top quality legal services with small town customer service. The goal at The Law Office of John W. Gordon is to support local families through peace of mind for the future. While we can’t predict the future, having a plan is something that our team can help you prepare for.

Educational Background: John W. Gordon graduated from Golden Gate Law School in San Francisco, CA in 2000 with a specialization in Civil Litigation and Environmental Law. He received an MBA in 2001 from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, CA. John W. Gordon graduated Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, CA in 1997 with an BS in Agricultural Engineering and received the outstanding Agricultural Engineering student award in 1997.

Leadership Positions: Membership Chair for the Commission on Aging, founding member of Young Republicans of Kings County, President of the Lemoore FFA, President of Cal Poly Ag. Ambassadors and President of Cal Poly American Society of Agricultural Engineers, and most recently, Board of Directors for Our Heroes’ Dreams and Wounded Soldiers and Families Relief Fund, Inc.
John has been steadfast in his leadership while selflessly dedicating his time, talents, and self to help guide Our Heroes’ Dreams in its mission and while helping save warriors, one family at a time!

Jeff Fabry

Jeff Fabry was born April 14, 1973, in Hanford, California. Jeff is an American amputee and Paralympic archer. He won bronze medals at the 2004 Summer Paralympics and the 2008 Summer Paralympics, and a gold medal at the United States at the 2012 Summer Paralympics.

He became disabled after he lost most of his right arm and right leg in a motorcycle accident when he was 15. He credits his wife Crystal for getting him into the sport. He is also the father of two children: Rebecca & Joseph.

Currently Fabry is teaching students about the sport he loves so much. His assistants are his children who have flourished in the sport themselves and are now coaching and helping. Fabry has also found a love of helping teach wounded veterans and first responders how to shoot but it goes much further than that. As Fabry is teaching our warriors the art and skills to become the next gold medalist for our nation, he is inspiring them to have no excuses, and to “embrace the suck”. Many struggling with PTSD, depression, and a plethora of other issues are finding that hope and light through Fabry’s unique coaching techniques and lifestyle. Fabry often ends up being not only their archery coach, but a friend, mentor and life coach as well.

Jeff Fabry has been an inspiration for so many as he has overcome his own challenges and has now accepted and is sitting on the executive board for Our Heroes’ Dreams. His wisdom, strength, determination, and foresight make Fabry a great board member as well as the Archery Heroes’, program director.

Captain Gary Watkins

Captain Gary Watkins, Navy Retired, was born and raised in California. He graduated from Fresno State College in 1963, He spent the summer finishing his second summer at Naval Reserve Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island, graduating as an Unrestricted Reserve Line Officer. After graduation in September, he was ordered to the Naval Security Station in Washington D.C.. where he was assigned to the Washington Navy Courier Station. He remained at this assignment until he left active duty and joined
the Navy Reserve Security Group in Fresno, California. This required a change of Designator to a Cryptologic Reserve Officer, as he had no shipboard experience. Gary then entered Fresno State College in 1967 to work on his master’s degree in Physiology, with an emphasis on Neurophysiology. Concurrently, he joined the Santa Fe Railroad as a Locomotive Fireman. Two years later he was promoted to Locomotive Engineer. Gary’s naval career consisted of ten years of additional active duty administrative. positions, after his initial tour of active duty, finishing as the Deputy Director for the Navy Reserve Security Group until his retirement from this active-duty assignment in 1997. He retired from the Navy in the field of Cryptology with 35 years of non-combat naval service, and the Santa Fe/Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway as a Locomotive Engineer in 2012, with 44 years of railroad service. Gary Watkins is currently on the Board of Directors of Our Heroes’ Dreams, an organization comprised of volunteers representing retired and former military and great Americans, who proudly support our Nation’s Heroes: Veterans, Gold Star Families, First Responders, and Correctional Officers. OHD’s mission is
to improve the lives of our warriors and their families, by helping/supporting them to accomplish their dreams on the Homefront. Currently, Gary resides in Clovis, California.

Ruthie Milburn

Ruthie is an east coast transplant, being born in New York and also having lived in Massachusetts and Michigan before coming to California. She met her husband, the late Lt. Col. Jim Milburn, while completing her master’s degree in Guidance and Counseling. Although not part of the military when they met, fourteen years into their marriage Jim became a chaplain in the US Army Reserve. Ruthie is retired from a teaching career which included students from K-College. Many of her years were spent with at-risk youth. Ruthie is a mother of two sons and now grandmother of five, she counts her blessings to be able to live in the same town as her family. After having been a part of the military for 22 years alongside her husband, Ruthie was delighted to become a part of Our Heroes’ Dreams executive board when asked to take on the role of secretary. Ruthie has also helped on retreats and other OHD events as a pillar in the organization. Volunteering has always been a part of her life and she thoroughly enjoys helping wherever needed. She looks forward to football season each fall and is always ready for a trip to Disneyland.